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Muritai School

In the first of several projects at Muritai School, we were commissioned to significantly increase the size of the school’s staffroom. Our proposal has shown that while proposing a modest extension, through better space planning we were able to provide a larger useable space for the school. This also involved recognising the disruptive effects from the school’s key circulation route cutting through their existing staffroom.

The design of the spaces explores how the staffroom can be more like a vibrant café rather than a stale institutional space. We have looked to distil the essence of many popular cafes with natural materials, timber and a neutral palette, creating a calm space that staff can truly feel relaxed. Special care has been taken with the acoustics and lighting design. The space can cater for a variety of functions, including large and small meetings/presentations as well as catering for teacher release time. Just like a modern airport, device charging is provided for busy people on the go.

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