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Learning Environments Australasia Design Awards 2023 Winner

We are honored that our work at Silverstream School has been recognised as the winner of the Small Projects Under $2m catagory. This follows previously receiving the Education Colour Maestro Award in the Resene Total Colour Awards and a commendation in the Learning Environments New Zealand Awards.

The Learning Environments Australasia Design Awards are a special programme that recognises briefing, colaboration, and the design reflecting the school learning approach. You can read the full citation below.

The school’s approach to learning and their learning framework set a solid foundation for this project, and the depth of pedagogical consideration as a driver of design is very apparent. The experimentation and prototyping by the educators in existing spaces, accompanied by the qualitative review of learning and teaching modes in the existing spaces by the Architect, has resulted in a solid understanding of the needs and wants of the staff and students. Through thorough and collaborative briefing, learning spaces have been created that are not only designed for purpose, but were also authentically driven by the school’s pedagogy. This project is a great example of the benefits that can be realised when educators and designers develop a shared language and understanding of the goals of the project prior to any design commencing.

This project includes the refurbishment of a pair of Junior and Senior classrooms, as well as the construction of two new Senior classrooms. In all classrooms, the considered designation of space on both the ceiling and ground plane is very effective. Zoning for a variety of spaces has been achieved with floor and wall finishes, ceiling heights and profiles, joinery, and transparent wall elements, while maintaining passive supervision throughout. Materials and design elements have been used to create different scales and spatial transitions within each classroom. The colour selections and overall materiality palette are calming, while also injective life and a sense of play into the learning spaces. The designation of areas for distinct activities through the selection of colours and materials is subtle and purposeful.

Overall, this project is an economical, sustainable and transformative adaption that fosters and instigates independent and collaborative learning in a variety of connected learning settings. All elements of the design are purposeful, designed with intent, and link back to the school’s learning framework and educational vision.


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