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Making places for people,

to come together and share, to create community, and to retreat, to find calm and sanctuary.

Corinna School
A recent weathertightness refurbishment of a formula block. A new entrance canopy that expresses the schools culture culture that provides a memorable sense of arrival and identity....

Inspired by our natural environment,

to enhance and seek stronger connection.

Bell House

Passive House Certified, this construction uses a range of innovative techniques, providing an ultra-low energy building with excellent thermal comfort and indoor air quality.  

SHC External Image 2.png

Evidence-based design

Developing brief and design from research, exploration and exchange of ideas. Designing for wellbeing, low energy, low impact with a whole building approach that assures performance.

Sacred Heart College
We were brought in to help the school with seismic issues in a significant building. To inform the decision process we undertook a masterplan exercise to understand what the opportunities for keeping or replacing this building.

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